X-Definition™ plasma technology can help you leverage the power of 3D plasma robotics to handle a larger variety of structural jobs more efficiently and more profitably.
  • Expand business opportunities
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce equipment needs

Using XPR™ for structural steel

Watch this video to learn how Fought & Company uses X-Definition technology for 3D structural steel projects.

More Project Opportunities

Take on more structural cutting projects and increase your profitability . With the versatility to program custom jobs, short production runs – even single-units – you can take on a wider variety of structural jobs with confidence.
And a single XPR™ robotic plasma system can replace up to seven machines for handheld cutting, sawing, marking, coping, drilling, punching, and shearing. 

Increased Efficiency

Since an XPR™ plasma cutting system equipped with X-Definition™ technology can do the work of multiple machines and eliminate many manual operations, it can provide up to an astounding 80% reduction in material handling. Combining plasma with current CAD/CAM software packages and robot control code shrinks programming time from hours to minutes.  In fact, total product throughput and productivity is improved with:
  • Increased cut speeds
  • Consistent, high-quality results
  • Lower maintenance
  • Reduced human error


Up-front costs of plasma robotic systems are now comparable to employing a skilled fitter – but without the inherent challenges of retention, training, and associated labor investments. And because it can do the work of several skilled laborers, a robot will pay for itself many times over.

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