Introducing our 2018 fall webinar lineup!

We are excited to announce our webinar lineup for the fall of 2018. Browse our offerings and register for any webinar that interests you. All webinars begin at 11 a.m. eastern unless otherwise noted.


Choosing the right psi pump for your waterjet system

Thursday, Sept. 6

Higher psi pumps are better, right? Not necessarily. Join two of our waterjet experts for a look at the operational benefits and limitations of 90K psi pumps. Plus tips to determine which psi pump is right for you.

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Bolt quality holes with plasma

Thursday, Sept. 20

Ready to cut a perfect hole with plasma? It can be done. We show you how to cut bolt ready holes in 1” or thinner mild steel using our HPRXD or XPR auto gas plasma systems.

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Maximizing performance through embedded expertise

Thursday, Sept. 13

Learn to improve plasma and waterjet performance by automatically adding the right parameters to your programs for better bevels and holes, smoother edges, and more parts in less time.

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Better bevels with plasma

Thursday, Sept. 27

Have you given up on cutting beveled edges from your plasma table? If so, don’t miss this webinar. We take the guess work out of bevel programming for fast, accurate, consistent bevels every time.

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Later this fall

Beveling with ProNest

Thursday, Oct. 4

Faster programming, better fit-up, and fewer secondary operations. We show you how Hypertherm’s ProNest software can help you transform the cutting of beveled edges – including multi-pass bevels.

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Understanding and optimizing high-end plasma cut quality

Thursday, Dec. 6

"I didn't know plasma could do that!” See what modern plasma on the right system can do. We show you what type of cut quality you can realistically expect, how to successfully mitigate issues that negatively impact results, and point out non-plasma related factors that can significantly impact cut quality.

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Tech Service Q and A - Troubleshooting HPR and XPR plasma

Thursday, Oct. 18

You have questions, we have answers. Join two members of the Hypertherm Technical service team for maintenance and troubleshooting advice plus real-time answers to your HPR and XPR related questions.

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