Webinars - Spring 2019

We are offering three new educational webinars for the spring season in North America. All webinars begin at 11 a.m. eastern. Run time is approximately one hour. Please browse through our topics and register below.

10 ways to increase plate steel utilization and decrease costs

Thursday, April 25

When it comes to plate steel, you know material costs are high and scrap reduction a must. But do you know how to maximize material usage and improve your bottom line? Experts believe just a 1% increase in plate utilization can make a difference. We show you 10 ways to increase plate utilization and decrease costs, covering everything from shop floor labeling, storage, and maximizing scrap value, to software tips for better nesting and enterprise planning.

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What's new with ProNest 2019

Thursday, June 6

A new update to ProNest 2019 is here. Join us for a look at the new features and powerful tools added by our software engineers and watch as we demonstrate real life programming scenarios with ProNest, helping you program more in less time.

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Improving productivity through prediction

Thursday, May 16

Though renowned for their versatility and cut quality, waterjet systems require regular care and maintenance. But what if you could greatly reduce unplanned downtime and unexpected disruptions to your cutting process? We show you how to take the pain out of waterjet cutting so you enjoy increased productivity and performance.

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