Powermax air plasma versatility

When searching for an air plasma system, it's important to ensure you get the most for your money. With a Hypertherm Powermax® plasma cutter, you get more than just cutting.

Watch this video to see everything you can do with a Powermax
Gouging - Did you know you can gouge with a plasma? We offer consumables for maximum control, maximum removal and precision gouging. Visit our Gouging page for more information.
Extended reach cutting and gouging - Our patented HyAccess™ consumable set gives you an extra 3 in. and narrow 0.5 in. tip. Discover how metal fabricators are using this consumable set by visiting our HyAccess applications page.

Flush cutting - This specialty application is only available using a Hypertherm Powermax system. Patented FlushCut™ consumables allow you to easily cut off bolt heads, remove lifting tabs, and more. Read our blog post for details on this unique process.
Fine feature cutting - With FineCut™ consumables you can achieve a narrow kerf and great edge when cutting thinner materials. Just swap out your shield and nozzle, turn down the amperage to cut chart values, and you'll get consistently good results.
Marking  - Discover why metal fabricators use plasma for marking. Additionally, metal artists like to use the marking feature to create designs on metal.

Thinking about investing in a Powermax?

If you're considering purchasing a Powermax air plasma, these items will provide convenience and protect your investment.

  • Powermax Essentials consumable kit - This all-in-one option provides all the standard consumables you need in a convenient kit.
  • Hypertherm oil removal air filter kit to attach to your system's inlet. Even if you have a filter on your compressor, read this FAQ on why it's a good idea to include this extra protection.
For a list of all our accessories including cutting guide, specialty consumables, consumable kits and more, including part numbers, download our accessories brochure.

Powermax systems are available for purchase at authorized gas and welding stores throughout the US and Canada. Click below to find a retailer near you.

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