How to protect your Powermax® air plasma

As a valued Hypertherm customer, you can rest assured that we offer everything you need to protect your system and ensure it functions like new for years to come.

Torch sheath - It doesn’t take long for a piece of molten metal to burn through a rubber torch lead. At $500–$1100 per torch, that is an expensive mistake. This $118 leather torch wrap protects your investment. Torch wraps come in 25' lengths and attach via Velcro. Part #024877.

Air filter - A lot can go wrong when you're working off an air compressor.  The Hypertherm eliminizer filter mitigates water and debris that reduce consumable life and reduce quality. Compressors make condensation, and filtering right at the Powermax inlet ensures extended system, torch, and parts life. This accessory has the potential to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the life of the machine. Part #128647.

You'll know it's time for a replacement element when the green indicator shifts to red to indicate a change is needed. Replacement element Part #011092.

Dust cover - The work environment for your air plasma may be dusty or dirty, particularly if kept in a vehicle or an outdoor environment. Our dust cover offers you the protection your system needs to ensure it starts up and runs efficiently every time. A few dollars up front can add years to the appearance of the machine and potentially the life. Part # varies based on system. Check with your local authorized Hypertherm distributor.

At Hypertherm, our employee-owners proudly stand behind every system we produce. We want your investment in a Powermax system to help you do your work faster and easier, with access to more applications than any competitive plasma, and to work reliably and consistently giving you the maximum value for your money.

Everything you can do with a Powermax system

For a list of all our accessories including cutting guide, specialty consumables, consumable kits and more, including part numbers, download our accessories brochure.

Powermax systems, consumables and accessories are sold at Hypertherm authorized distributors throughout the USA and Canada.

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