2023 'Spark Something Great' grant

Now in its 9th year, our 'Spark Something Great' educational grant has already helped 84 schools realize the benefit of teaching plasma cutting technology and applications with the versatile Powermax air plasma hand system.

We are, again, offering 12 grants in 2023. See below for more details, or download the program brochure.

Note the submission deadline is March 31st, 2023 at 11:59 pm Eastern. Applicants will be notified on or before May 1st. Offer valid in the US and Canada only.

More grant details

Qualifying school criteria

  • Schools must be located in the USA or Canada. Public Jr/Sr high school or secondary school, post-secondary technical or vocational school, college, university, not-for-profit educational organization or union training facility.
  • Offer welding or metal fabrication course(s) and agree to use Hypertherm-provided products to teach plasma cutting and gouging during each welding of metal fabrication introductory course.
  • Welding/fabrication program is stable and will continue to be offered in the foreseeable future.
  • Winning schools and Hypertherm agree to allow mention of each other in marketing and public relations activities including printed publications, social, online, and other media.

Selection process

Schools are selected on:

  • Program need.
  • Current access to plasma technology.
  • Commitment to welding and metal fabrication education.
  • Annual number of students who participate in the program.
  • Instructor plans for the system.
  • A student testimonial.

For more information, contact information@hypertherm.com.

See what a previous grantee says

‘I like the curriculum kit because students learn what the consumables do, how they go into the torch, and where to look up cut charts so they load the right consumables — all before they put their hands on a live torch. This knowledge saves countless dollars on consumables, metal, system downtime, and repairs. And the curriculum is easy to teach and easy to use.'

- Joel Johnson, Associate Professor
North Dakota State College of Science