Spark Something Great 2021 grant application

Thank you for your interest in submitting a grant application. Please fill out the form completely, most fields are required (noted by *). Schools must be not-for-profit educational institutions.  

You will see two fields below where a narrative or video is required. You may either type the information into this form, or, if you have a video or extremely long narrative, send it via link (for extra large files, via Google docs, MS ShareFile, Dropbox or other large file sharing app) or attachment via email to the address below.

The submission deadline is end of day on April 2nd. We will contact you by May 3rd to let you know the results.

If you have any questions or issues with this on-line form, contact Betsy Van Duyne at 800-643-0030 Ext 1278 or betsy.vanduyne@hypertherm.com.
Grant available to schools in the USA and Canada only.

Grant application

Spark Something Great Grant Application

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Type brief narrative here or email PDF or video to betsy.vanduyne@hypertherm.com
Type brief narrative here, or email PDF or video to betsy.vanduyne@hypertherm.com.

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Submit by April 2nd. Winners will be announced on May 3rd.